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Why choose
coach hire?

What images does coach travel conjure up for you? Efficiency? Safety? Comfort? If not, we want to change that. When you choose DJ Coaches, your journey will be simple and enjoyable. Relax on board, feeling pleased with yourself that you chose coach travel for your trip.

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Why choose
DJ Coaches?

Why choose coach hire services from DJ Coaches?

Our team are here to keep you in the loop throughout the process and we take this role very seriously. From responding to your quotation requests to letting you know exactly what time your coach will be arriving, we make sure you have all the information you need.

All our coaches are ULEZ compliant, meaning they are more environmentally friendly than older coaches and cars. This helps contribute towards a healthier, safer environment with less pollution – and it means our coaches are cheaper to run in London, too.

We don’t think coach travel should just be functional. It is about creating an experience for our customers and making sure you enjoy your time on board. We like to think of our service as being more like that of a premium airline than a double-decker bus into town.

We pride ourselves on offering a service that is highly efficient, getting you where you need to be, when you need to be there. We have years of experience in the coach hire industry and work together to make sure everything runs like clockwork, so you can relax knowing your journey is in hand.

We have an operations team who are in the office 24/7, so you can always get hold of us when you need to. If you have any concerns, or find yourself in an emergency situation, it will be easy to get in touch. We make sure you always know how to contact us.

Our drivers are highly trained, knowledgeable people who make sure your journey runs smoothly. They have excellent knowledge of UK roads as well as European destinations, so they can take diversions, find the quickest route, or navigate around roadworks to get you there on time.

The DJ Coaches


The DJ Coaches team

The DJ Coaches team

Our team members are an integral part of our success, making sure DJ Coaches runs efficiently and professionally. They are the customer service executives on the end of the phone booking your travel, the drivers welcoming you on board, the operations managers organising your itinerary – every person you have contact with at DJ Coaches has your best interests at heart.

Quality coaches

Quality coaches

People often choose DJ Coaches because of our vehicles. We aim to create an enjoyable on-board experience, providing you with all the mod cons and a relaxing journey. We maintain our coaches to the highest standards, keeping them in top condition, and have an excellent safety record.

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