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Your safety is our top priority. We have a duty of care to you when you are on board our coaches, and we do everything in our power to ensure you reach your destination safely. Our drivers are highly trained and our vehicles are well maintained, so you know you will be in good hands with DJ Coaches.

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We want to make sure our coaches are geared up for your complete safety on board. We only use modern vehicles that have all the latest safety features – most importantly, seatbelts. All our coaches are fitted with seatbelts, which are regularly checked by our in-house team to make sure they are working exactly as they should.

We also have safety doors on our 53-seat coaches, making them ideal for alighting more safely when travelling in Europe.


We maintain all our coaches on site so that we are in complete control. We never outsource this important process, ensuring our own highly trained mechanics keep our coaches in top condition. All coaches are regularly inspected to ensure safety features are working and they are safe and roadworthy ahead of every journey.

Operator compliance
risk score

An operator compliance risk score (OCRS) is used to calculate the risk of commercial vehicle operators not abiding by the laws of the road. So, if an OCRS is high (usually because an operator hasn’t been complying with rules like drivers’ hours, or their vehicles don’t meet safety standards), vehicles are more likely to be stopped by the Driver Vehicle and Standards Agency (DVSA).

We are always happy to disclose our current OCRS and reports from the DVSA because we know we operate safely and have nothing to hide. Many passengers do not know about OCRS – so now you do, it’s something to consider next time you hire a coach. If a coach company isn’t happy to give you details of their reports, it might make you wonder what they don’t want you to know…

compliant coaches

Having coaches on the road that are more environmentally friendly is safer for us all in the long term. Coaches that are ULEZ compliant have to meet government emissions standards, so you know they are causing less damage to the environment, and subsequently, our health.

As a coach company committed to high safety standards, we ensured that our coaches were ULEZ compliant ahead of time, staying true to our promise to help passengers travel as safely as possible. For us, this isn’t just about road safety. We take a holistic approach, helping to reduce our impact on the environment and, as a consequence, helping to improve air quality and reduce dangerous pollution.

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